Host Service

This service is of interest to owners. It is based on the personalised assistance that an iLoc technician will provide you during the entire shoot. This work includes monitoring and supporting any doubt or need by the production team, in order to simplify the relatioship between location and producer.

Active location search

We hope the online search to be helpful for you to find the perfect location for your production or event. Although, if it is not enough or you want more options, we will start to work to locate the spaces you would need. Contact us to concrete your needs and criterions.


iLoc Exclusivity Benefits:
Owners: -A better positioning in the location list
-Direct access to exclusive locations area
-Special discount in Host service
-This service is FREE and it will provide you only benefits
Producers: -Direct access to locations you will only find in iLoc
-Contracting exclusive location will have no extra charge.

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